A.R.T.T. Adventure Rider Tours + Training

Our mission: Create worldwide standards for Touratech Tourguides and Instructors that can be offered to international clients from all over the world.

Why A.R.T.T.?

Representing and selling Touratech is more than selling products. Touratech is a brand deeply connected with the customer experience and we believe in establishing an emotional/aspirational connection with our customers.

Tours and Trainings are a perfect channel to offer that customer experience and to create lasting relations. It generates opportunities for them to connect with Touratech by using our products and their motorcycles in the environments for which they were designed for, and, inside a Touratech eco-system.

Apart from strengthening the relation and brand experience, it also establishes more touchpoints with our customers.

Many of our worldwide partners use this opportunity and offer these services. We have countless testimonials referring the success of tours and trainings. It generates value from the Tours and Trainings, but also, and more important, from the Touratech product experience perspective.

The A.R.T.T. certifications are therefore fundamental to equip you with the technical capacity to offer a high-quality service level. It is also mandatory for all partners that want  to use the Touratech brand in that service offering.

Step-up your game and give your customer the incredible experience of a Touratech training or tour. A.R.T.T. is mandatory if you plan to use Touratech brand name.

The most important question first: Tourguide or Instructor?


A tourguide is much more than just the person leading a group of motorcyclists. A good tourguide is able to respond to each rider individually and weld a group into a community.


A Touratech instructor is not just an off-road trainer: learning success, enthusiasm and one’s own perception as a good participant stand and fall with the professionalism, broad competence and empathy of the instructor.

Your trainers

We have compiled the best trainers in the industry for you, so that you are best equipped for all eventualities after your training.

Tobias Wachter

Project management

Christian Preining

Chief Instructor

Thomas Ritt

Training Coordinator

Anthony Fairweather

First Aid Instructor

The Goal

The goal of A.R.T.T. is to generate worldwide standards for Touratech Tourguides and Instructors, and also standards for Touratech Tours offered to international customers from all over the world. The goal is that every customer on “a Touratech Tour” may expect and will experience the same high quality of travelling, no matter where he travels with Touratech. A.R.T.T. is being developed in a powerful cooperation between Tour Operator Number 1 Edelweiss Bike Travel and Touratech Headquarters.

Every rider with a passed A.R.T.T. certification can conduct official Touratech tours and trainings as an independent or commissioned Touratech Tourguide or Touratech Instructor. In addition to certification, this requires an agreement with one of the worldwide Touratech importers and business partners or, of course, with the Touratech headquarters in Niedereschach.

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

John C. Maxwell

You want to participate?

The Touratech A.R.T.T. Certification Event is organized by Touratech GmbH in cooperation with Edelweiss Bike Travel.

All organization is provided by good souls

Happy participants