The participants of the Touratech A.R.T.T. certification programs come from all over the world.

Each participant must meet specific legal requirements as well as personal qualifications in order to complete the certification week and the final exam in a valuable and successful way.

  • The participant is holder of a valid international driving license.
  • The participant is mentally/physically able of guiding a group. He will confirm that he is in good health condition and not addicted to drugs.
  • The participant must understand, speak and write English fluently (in order to unterstand course contents and to be able to pass the final exam).
  • The participant is able to handle and manoeuvre a bike without problems (e.g. loading/unloading, pushing a bike, correcting a parking position, picking up a bike etc.).
  • The participant is able to ride very slowly on all different kinds of ground.
  • The participant is a prudent rider with very good riding skills in every condition; riding experience of minimum 5 years is required; he is experienced in every weather condition, on different grounds and different road / track characteristics (e.v. steep mountain passes, main traffic arteries etc.)

You should be able to do this blindfolded